Are you worried that as a small business owner, you don't understand your financials? You have a bookkeeper and an accountant, but are still confused?


Wave Plans provides strategic financial advisory services to small businesses similar to having a dedicated CFO.  We look to fill that void of confusion - the space between the details the bookkeeper records and the tax requirements the accountant fulfills. 

Wave Plans services help business owners to better understand their profitability,  to learn to interpret their financial statements to make better informed business decisions and to ensure they have proper protocols in place to protect their business.


Business Risk Assessment


You've worked hard to establish your business, let's make sure it's protected

Financial   Assessment


Do you have an accountant and a bookkeeper, yet your business finances are still confusing? 



Looking to expand your business or optimize your systems? Let's customize a wave plan 


Meet Jiti


I am a CPA, CA with over 20 years of accounting, auditing, financial planning and analysis experience.  I’ve spent the majority of my career focused on measuring business performance for large organizations such as BC Hydro and Vancity Savings Credit Union.  I’ve worked with senior executives to help them better understand their financial reports, plan multi-year budgets and forecasts, create meaningful financial reporting and a multitude of other one-off financial requests.  I am also always looking for creative ways to save time by better use of systems or simpler workflows.  


According to a Deloitte survey done in the summer of 2016 of private companies, as companies mature from the startup stage they need finance leaders and teams with capabilities greater than controllership. They need teams that also have a strong understanding of the business’s growth drivers and that are able to provide timely and meaningful insights and information to the business owner on operating issues and key performance indicators to better analyze business risks and capitalize on opportunities.