Jiti Hundal CPA, CA



I am a CPA, CA with over 20 years of accounting, auditing, financial planning and analysis experience.  I’ve spent the majority of my career focused on measuring business performance for large organizations such as BC Hydro and Vancity Savings Credit Union.  I’ve worked with senior executives to help them better understand their financial reports, plan multi-year budgets and forecasts, create meaningful financial reporting and a multitude of other one-off financial requests.  I am also always looking for creative way to save time by better use of systems or simpler workflows.

The work was dynamic, challenging and rewarding but hard to balance once I became a mother.  My priorities shifted from working 10+ hours to wanting more time with my boys, and not wanting that time to be me focused on my phone.   With the desire to have more balance in my life, and to make my work more personal, I am looking to take my skills and help smaller business that don’t always have access to the financial expertise they need.

My past managers always use to say that I had a knack for taking complicated matters and making them simpler. I could create the financial flow they needed, which was different for each one,and now I want to do that for small business owners. My goal with small business owners is to understand what is keeping you up at night, what is giving you a “wave of nausea” and then put together a plan that suits you.   The ultimate objective is to set up a system for your financials and organization that allows you more of your time to focus on your strengths in the business. 

In my spare time, I like hanging with my boys – whether that’s some hockey in the alley or heading to a park - or escaping it all in my garden or the yoga studio.


About Wave Plans

Why call an accounting business Wave Plans?  Because to me it's more than accounting.  It is about understanding the business and the business owner and what gives them a “wave of nausea".  Then taking that to create a plan so that the "wave of nausea" feels more like surfing the waves.  In business terms, when you have a disruptive event in your business, and over the years you definitely will, by having solid financial support you will be able to navigate the disruptive event with more confidence.